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Better Together

The friendship shared between two people is as unique as a fingerprint. Sarawut Intarob travels the world to capture this very sight, not only encapsulating culture, traditions and places into his imagery but also placing strong emphasis on people and their moments spent with one another.

He defines his works as a sort of still life, “when living things are photographed, they have a charm of their own. I love capturing people that are truly living in the moment.” Travelling to the more rural parts of China, Myanmar and Thailand, he finds families living off the land and young boys who have dedicated their life to faith, to name a few.

Wherever he travels, he finds that two is indeed better than one. Mothers and sons working together to prepare a nights meal, two carefree friends splashing in a mud puddle or a farmer working the land with his two finest cattle; all share a common theme of togetherness, affection and a bonding moment.

His favorite image of the bunch is one of an older couple, two grandparents who have shared their lives with one another for over 67 years. In that time frame, they have aged and seen the world evolve around them, but their connection and dedication to one another is strong, and this is exactly what is captured in one photograph. “This photo represents a great dream and goal for any couple who sees it.”

It is moments like this that will forever be remembered by those who were present., but behind the camera are memories also being made. “My most memorable moments are taking trips with my best friends, we enjoy the same things and understand one another. We share everything when we can and that’s a wonderful thing to have. I had a great camera, saw great places and had a great trip with my best friends.”

The bulk of his images are caught when on the road whereby Sarawut and his friends hop in a car and drive down paths in search of a story. He has come across many different people along his travels, each unique in there own way.

With only his camera in hand, his set-up is simple and lightweight. He carries his D800E, D800 and a range of lenses to provide versatility on the road. “I prefer to have three lenses on me at all times, one wide, one normal and a tele zoom lens.”

Then it’s down to waiting for a beautiful picture to present itself. Not everyone wants to be the subject of his lens so he is accustomed to asking before he shoots. He enjoys sharing the pictures with them directly after, allowing them to see themselves captured from his perspective.

Always in search of the new face and an untold story, Sarawut continues adventuring with his best friends at his side, “I like to capture the smiles of different people from different countries, I love seeing their great and friendly faces. It is also a treat to see them in their cultural costumes.” From his beginnings in Thailand he now ventures to the far corners of the world, exploring New Zealand, Iceland and Europe in search of more friendly faces.

About Sarawut

Picking up his first camera at young age of 13, Sarawut was instantly drawn to the photographing his family and his neighborhood, capturing a time and place that would be the same as it was in that moment. At 25 he began travelling the world, always sure to bring his camera along for the ride. His greatest joy is being able to look back at old photographs and reflect on those moments.